Barcelona star opens fire on Guardiola: A lying person distorted my reputation!

Joao Cancelo, the Barcelona player loaned from Manchester City, attacked Pep Guardiola and accused him of promoting lies that tarnished his reputation in the recent period.

Cancelo left City in the winter of 2023 on loan to Bayern Munich after many disagreements with Guardiola, and then was loaned again last summer to Barcelona.

Guardiola accused Cancelo of causing unrest in the locker room, in addition to not enjoying a good relationship with his colleagues in the English club, so it was necessary to get rid of him.

Cancellio responded in media statements to what Guardiola said by saying, “Guardiola spread lies. I have never had a bad relationship with any colleague. I have never felt better than any other player, but this is the coach’s opinion.”

He continued, “People remember what Guardiola said because he is stronger than me when he says something. I never lie and speak frankly, and what was said about me was not true.”

He continued, “I was not bad with City. My house was robbed one day and the next day I played against Arsenal without a problem. I left my family terrified at home for City’s sake.”

He concluded, “There is ungratefulness in Manchester City when they talk about me. I was an important player for them.”

It is noteworthy that Barcelona is trying to buy Cancelo’s contract next summer from City, but the English club’s huge financial demands have prevented that so far.

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