Barcelona is the key to announcing Kylian Mbappe’s joining Real Madrid!

The newspaper “Marca” reported that Real Madrid’s management granted Kylian Mbappe the right to determine the date of his transfer to the Royal Club.

The two parties agreed on all the details, and it was said that Mbappe had already signed his transfer contracts to Real Madrid, but the matter has not been officially announced yet.

According to Marca, the Real Madrid administration does not want to put pressure on Mbappe and cause him a crisis before his departure from Paris Saint-Germain, and therefore the date of announcing his departure and moving to the Merengue is in his hands, not in the hands of any other party.

Perhaps Barcelona may play a major role in announcing the deal, as Mbappe is afraid to announce his move to Real Madrid, after which he will meet Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League.

If Barcelona succeeds in eliminating PSG, and the French club succeeds in clinching the French League title early, it is highly likely that Mbappe will be announced as joining Real Madrid during next May.

It is expected that if the opposite happens, Mbappe will postpone announcing the deal until the beginning of June, and the basic plan now is to inform everyone of his decision and his next step before the start of Euro 2024 on June 17.

The date of the 25-year-old’s appearance at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium remains unknown, as it may be in May, or it may be postponed until he returns from his vacation next August.

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