Barcelona is planning a historic decision to solve the economic crisis!

The newspaper “Sport” reported that the Barcelona administration is planning a historic decision by all standards regarding the shirts of sports teams that would greatly increase the club’s income.

Barcelona has a contract with Nike to supply shirts since 1998, and the contract is still valid until 2026, but there is a state of dissatisfaction with the financial compensation.

Under the contract, Barcelona receives 85 million euros annually, and recently there were negotiations between the two parties to increase the amount, but no agreement was reached.

Barca has the right to terminate the contract and pay a fine, and the administration decided to engage in a final round of negotiations with Nike before taking this step.

Upon termination of the contract, Barcelona will either contract with Puma, which offered 100 million annually to the club, or create an independent brand for the club and with it the income of even greater millions.

For President Laporta, the other option of creating Barcelona’s own brand is much better than signing with Puma given the potential for a historic increase in income.

According to “Sport”, all these files are supposed to be resolved on the first of this month of March, and all options are available, including continuing with Nike.

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