Barcelona does not mind signing the City star, but on difficult terms!

“Sport” newspaper reported that Xavi Hernandez remaining at the helm of Barcelona’s technical leadership increases the possibility of signing Manchester City star Bernardo Silva next summer.

However, contracting with Silva is not the priority of the Catalan club management at the present moment, and it can only be done with 3 conditions that seem difficult to achieve on the ground.

The first condition is that Barcelona must first succeed in signing a distinguished midfield player, and this is the priority of the Laporta administration based on Xavi’s request during negotiations to continue him for another year.

After Barcelona succeeds in strengthening its pivot position with a major player, the second condition arises, which is that the club sells a player for a large sum of money in order to make room for Bernardo on the list in accordance with the laws of fair financial play.

The last condition is that Barcelona does not pay the full value of the release clause in Bernardo Silva’s contract, which amounts to 58 million euros, as the club believes that this value is large compared to the financial capabilities on the one hand, and the player’s advanced age on the other hand.

Accordingly, Barcelona only wants to pay an amount ranging from 40 to 50 million euros, and here the player will have to intervene and try to convince Manchester City to reduce the value in order to achieve his dream of wearing the Catalan shirt.