Atletico Madrid is trying to kidnap the Real Madrid star!

The Relevo network reported that Dani Ceballos is very frustrated with not participating much with Real Madrid, and is planning to leave next summer.

From the Royal Club’s management side, the option of selling the Spanish player does not loom on the horizon, as there is belief in his abilities and the team’s need for him, even if he is considered a replacement player.

But at the same time, Real Madrid is willing to sell Ceballos under one condition, which is that he receives an offer that he cannot refuse from a financial standpoint.

In this context, the network reported that neighbor Atletico Madrid is most interested in obtaining the services of the 27-year-old.

There have always been transfers between the two neighbors in the same way, the most prominent of which was Marcos Llorente for 30 million euros, whose talent exploded with the Rojiblancos.

It is noteworthy that Ceballos participated in 21 matches for a total of 505 minutes this season, during which he succeeded in scoring one goal and making the same.