April 22.. A very decisive and important date for Cristiano Ronaldo

This month of April represents a special importance for Cristiano Ronaldo, specifically on the 22nd, when the final chapter comes in his legal dispute with his former club Juventus, which will either make him millions or leave him extremely frustrated.

The origin of the story goes back to the period of the Corona pandemic, when Ronaldo agreed to postpone the payment of a large portion of his dues, which Juventus confirms that he completely waived them when he decided to leave and move to Manchester United the following year.

Ronaldo filed a lawsuit against Juventus demanding compensation amounting to approximately 20 million euros, stressing that he did not concede or sign a document about that.

According to Tuttosport newspaper, the Italian judiciary will issue its final ruling in the case on April 22.

On the part of Juventus, the club is very confident in its position and does not feel any anxiety and believes that its position is supported by many documents that Ronaldo has already waived the amounts deferred from the days of Corona.

It remains to be noted that Ronaldo played for Juventus during the period from 2018 to 2021, and succeeded in scoring 101 goals in addition to 22 assists during 134 matches in various competitions.

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