An unexpected name tops Zidane’s training list!

Thomas Gravesen, a former Real Madrid player and friend of Zinedine Zidane, claims that the French coach is only interested in coaching 3 teams, one of which is a highly unexpected name.

Zidane’s name has emerged in recent weeks as a possible option to succeed Thomas Tuchel at Bayern Munich, and it was said that he has a great interest in working at the Bavarian club.

Recently, Zizou also announced his intention to return to training, and opened the door to assuming responsibility for coaching an Italian club.

But according to Gravesen, Zidane’s true desires that he told her are not in line with this news, as the coach is only interested in 3 teams.

These teams are for him to return one day to coach Real Madrid in a third term, or to coach the France national team, and finally to coach his hometown team, Marseille.

It seems that training the French national team is possible if the Roosters lose in the European Nations Cup in Germany, but returning to Real Madrid or training Marseille, which is suffering a lot, are two distant options.

It is noteworthy that Zidane achieved 11 championships during two terms with Real Madrid, and it is said that the coach does not want to work in the English Premier League due to the language barrier, despite Manchester United’s interest in particular in him.

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