An Arab player saves Barcelona from its economic crisis!

“Sport” newspaper reported that Barcelona is about to obtain an amount exceeding 10 million euros from the sale of Chadi Riad to Real Betis next summer.

It was previously said that Riad would return to Barcelona next summer after his brilliance with Betis on loan this season, but Joan Laporta’s management decided to reverse this decision.

The Andalusian club will buy the Moroccan player’s contract for 3 million euros, and Barcelona will not activate the buyback clause and will leave him at Betis to earn more money.

The 20-year-old defender is receiving special interest from Crystal Palace, which is preparing to pay 15 million euros to Betis in order to buy him, Barcelona’s share of this value will be 50%.

This means that Barça will receive 3 million euros from Betis to buy Riad first, then his share of the second sale, which amounts to 7.5 million euros, meaning that the total benefit from the Moroccan’s successor will be 10.5 million euros.

Laporta and his companions are seeking for the deal to be completed in its agreed upon form before June 30, so that it is included in the club’s budget and will greatly help in relieving the economic stranglehold from which the Blaugrana suffers greatly.