Al-Taamari continues to shine and scores a wonderful goal for Montpellier (video)

Moussa Al-Taamari continued his brilliance in the French League, this time when he scored the winning goal for his team, Montpellier, against Reims in the 30th round.

The result was a 1-1 draw between the two teams until the Jordanian star scored the second goal for his team in the 86th minute.

Al-Taamari took advantage of a quick counterattack, reached the penalty area, and shot the ball into Reims’ net, giving his team 3 important points.

This goal was the fifth goal scored by the 26-year-old this season with Montpellier in the 23 matches he played in the French League, in addition to assisting 3 other goals.

Thus, Al-Taamari’s brilliance continues this season at all levels, as he was a star for the Jordanian national team in the Asian Cup and led his country to the final before losing to Qatar 3-1.

Now we leave you with the amazing goal of Al-Taamari…

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