Al-Ittihad makes a shocking decision regarding Benzema and Hamdallah

Al-Riyadiah newspaper reported that the Al-Ittihad Club management decided to leave Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah and continue Karim Benzema as part of the team next season.

The decision came after studying the situation within the team and it became clear that the duo would never succeed together, so they had to sacrifice one of the players in the summer and keep the other.

Although Hamdallah was the team’s top scorer last season with 29 goals in all tournaments, the decision came to dispense with his services.

At the same time, with the departure of Hamdallah, Benzema will get what he wants by returning to play again at the heart of the attack, and in this way he should succeed in scoring more goals and shining.

Al-Ittihad’s management is planning to sign another player instead of Hamdallah, who will most likely be on the wing, but it is waiting for the clubs’ budget to be approved by the recruitment program first.

Hamdallah’s brother and his agent had attacked Benzema a lot, while the French star’s brother considered that relying on his brother in the wing position was complete madness.

Benzema scored only 13 goals this season in a zero trophies season for Al-Ittihad, during which it ranked fourth in the Saudi League.

It is noteworthy that coach Marcelo Gallardo is on his way to leave Al-Ittihad as well, and all of this comes in response to the requests of Benzema, who suffered several crises with the Argentine and Hamdallah.