Ajax backs down from signing Xavi and chooses a surprising coach!

Ajax management has backed away from the idea of Xavi Hernandez assuming responsibility for coaching the team next season, and is close to finalizing the agreement with another coach.

This coach, according to the Dutch media, is Graham Potter, the former Chelsea coach, with whom negotiations have reached very advanced stages.

According to reports, the Ajax administration has reduced communication with a number of coaches, including Xavi, and is currently focusing its efforts on Potter, who in turn welcomes the idea of moving to the Dutch giant.

During the past few days, many meetings were held between Ajax officials and Potter’s representatives, and it seems that an agreement is imminent for the Englishman to take over as coach of the team starting next season.

Perhaps what most attracted Ajax to the idea of signing Bot was his exceptional experience with Brighton, despite the miserable failure that accompanied his experience at Chelsea after that.

This season, Ajax suffered a major collapse that led to it being in a relegation struggle in the Dutch League, beginning a major revolution within the club, and with it the search for a great coach.

Xavi’s name was on the table after the Spaniard announced his departure from Barcelona training at the end of the current season, but now all sources rule out the matter and favor Potter.

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