A shot that doesn’t happen often…the strangest own goal this season! (video)

Perhaps the match between Eintracht Frankfurt and Heidenheim in the Bundesliga on Saturday witnessed the strangest own goal this season.

While the result indicated a goalless draw between the two teams, Heidenheim defender Benedict Gember returned the ball to his goalkeeper, Kevin Muller, in a ball that did not contain any kind of danger.

Unexpectedly, Muller was unable to shoot the ball, and instead shot the air, and the ball entered the goal from under his feet and Frankfurt scored its first goal in the 39th minute.

Perhaps the goalkeeper was unlucky due to the poor pitch, which caused him to shoot the air instead of the ball, in a rare shot that does not happen often in the world of football.

What is certain is that Muller and Gambier are currently in a bad psychological state, as this goal was the nucleus of their team losing the match to Frankfurt 2-1, and with it their continuation in the relegation struggle.

We leave you with the strangest goal of the season…

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