A sarcastic response from Perez to Real Madrid’s possible contract with Mbappe

Florentino Perez, Real Madrid president, mocked a fan of the Royal Club who asked him about the possibility of contracting with Kylian Mbappe next summer.

This fan was taking a picture with Perez while the president was at his club’s basketball match in the European League, and then he asked him about possible Merengue deals.

It started with a question about Alphonso Davies, to which Perez answered, “Who is Alphonso Davies?”

Then the fan asked Perez again, but this time about Mbappe, and the same response came from the Royal President: “Who is Kylian Mbappe?”

Spanish media have confirmed that Davies is close to Real Madrid, while the agreement with Mbappe has already been concluded within the next few weeks.

It seems clear that the White President does not prefer to talk about the matter at the present moment until the season ends and the two major deals are officially completed.

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