A new escalation: Barcelona resorts to the judiciary because of the canceled goal in El Clásico

Mundo Deportivo newspaper reported that Barcelona’s management will sue the Spanish Football Federation against the backdrop of recent events related to the cancellation of Lamine Yamal’s goal in El Clásico against Real Madrid.

The Catalan club’s management sent an official letter to the Spanish Federation to obtain all the photos and recordings that took place between the referee and the video referees during the decision-making stage regarding the ball crossing its entire circumference.

The Spanish Federation responded decisively by rejecting Barcelona’s request on the grounds that such materials are never presented to clubs, and merely publishing a conversation between the referee and the video referees via the official account on the X platform.

Because of this behavior, Barcelona President Joan Laporta became angry and decided, as he promised Barca fans, to move forward with legal steps to preserve the club’s rights, which may end with a repeat of El Clásico itself.

The Barcelona administration, through its legal representatives, will file a case in the regular Spanish judiciary against the Spanish Federation, during which it will demand all photos and recordings as it is its inherent right in a controversial game like this.

According to Laporta previously, if it is proven that the canceled goal was correct, the sporting judiciary will be resorted to in order to restart El Clasico again.

It is noteworthy that the published conversation between the referee and the video referees contains a significant hint that the cameras on the field were not sufficient to determine the passage of the ball in its entire circumference in light of the absence of the “Hawk Eye” technology designated for the goal line.