A logical and fiery response.. Ancelotti refutes the “legitimacy” of Bayern’s canceled goal

Real Madrid coach, Carlo Ancelotti, considered that talking about the validity of Bayern Munich’s canceled goal in the last moments is illogical and useless.

Referee Simon Marciniak canceled Bayern’s equalizer in the last moments by blowing his whistle early, which prevented video technology from intervening to check whether there was offside or not.

When Ancelotti was asked about the shot, he replied, “It’s easy to explain. Maybe it wasn’t offside, but the referee zeroed early, even before the goal.”

He continued, “Because of the referee’s early whistle, we stopped playing, and from here came the goal, so there is no need for all this talk.”

Unusually, Ancelotti responded with a fiery statement about Bayern’s objections, saying, “The goal was not offside? Well, we will also complain about Nacho’s goal being cancelled. Kimmich dived!”

Nacho had scored the equalizer for Real Madrid in the 75th minute, but the referee, after returning to the video technology, returned and canceled it due to strong contact between Nacho and Kimmich.