A lip reader reveals what happened between Salah and Klopp

Lip reader John Cassidy was able to see what Mohamed Salah said to Jurgen Klopp during their quarrel in the match between Liverpool and West Ham before Al-Masry took to the field.

News continues about what happened between the player and his coach, the latest of which is that the crisis actually began when Salah treated Salam Club coldly and tried to ignore him.

The German moved towards Salah and muttered words that did not appear, and then Salah’s first response came nervously, according to the Daily Mail’s lip-reader, by saying, “I can’t do anything about it… nothing.”

Then he provoked Salah with other words, which he did not have the opportunity to reveal due to the camera angles, so Salah exploded this time and said, “I will get a red card after 7 years,” and he repeated the sentence 3 times.

Darwin Nunez then intervened to separate the duo, and at the same moment West Ham scored the second goal, which practically announced the end of the Reds’ dreams of achieving the Premier League title.

It remains to be noted that Klopp told the media that the crisis between him and Salah had ended after they spoke together after the match in the locker room.