A heavy penalty against a player in the French League for refusing to support homosexuality

Monaco player Mohamed Kamara faced a heavy penalty from the French League because of his refusal to support homosexuality in the final round of the competition.

Kamara covered the slogan in support of homosexuality from the Monaco shirt during the match against Nantes, in what was dubbed “Anti-Homophobia Week”.

The Malian international was not satisfied with this matter, but refused to participate in the protocol photo before the match with the slogan of supporting homosexuality.

For this reason, the League took the decision to punish Kamara with a 4-match suspension, while the French Minister of Sports demanded that harsher penalties be imposed on the player.

But on the other hand, the Financial Federation issued a statement in which it supported Kamara and considered that what he did was within his rights to exercise freedom of expression, while Nadim and Nakou supported the association’s decision and hinted at the possibility of punishing the player internally.

It is worth noting that Egyptian Mustafa Mohamed and Jordanian Musa Al-Taamari refused to participate in the last round of the French League so as not to participate in supporting homosexuality.