A fiery response from PSG to Mbappe: He is not a classy person!

Paris Saint-Germain responded to the accusations leveled by Kylian Mbappe against the club’s management in the last hours regarding the way they dealt with him, saying that the player “lacks sophistication” and everything he claims is baseless.

Mbappe said hours after joining Real Madrid, in his first appearance in front of the media, that Nasser Al-Khelaifi’s administration dealt with him violently because of his decision to leave and threatened him not to participate in any matches last season.

The French star also added that if it were not for coach Luis Enrique and sports advisor Luis Campos, he would have remained confined to the bench throughout the season, pointing out that there were many things that the administration did that he did not like.

Paris Saint-Germain quickly responded via an unnamed source who spoke to Agence France-Presse and said, “Mbappe does not have any sophistication when he makes such statements.”

The source continued, “Al-Khelaifi did not decide anything within the team, and Luis Enrique himself confirmed this. All decisions were made by the coach.”

He concluded, “As soon as Mbappe says something, everyone spreads it and believes it, while there is another story that is correct. The club will talk about everything at the appropriate time.”

It is noteworthy that the French media revealed the possibility of Mbappe resorting to the judiciary to obtain his late payments, which include a 3-month salary and a loyalty bonus worth 80 million euros.