7 rounds before the end… Bayern Munich announces its surrender to Xabi Alonso!

Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel congratulated Bayer Leverkusen on achieving the German League title following the Bavarian club’s 2-0 defeat by Borussia Dortmund on Saturday.

Thanks to this defeat, which coincided with a dramatic victory for coach Xabi Alonso’s squad over Hoffenheim 2-1, the gap widened to 13 points with 7 rounds remaining in the Bundesliga.

Tuchel admitted after the loss to Dortmund that the competition for the Bundesliga title is over, and that all Bavarian is currently aiming for is maintaining second place.

The German coach said, “Congratulations to Bayer Leverkusen. The competition for the title is over. They have already achieved the title.”

Mathematically, Leverkusen needs to win only 4 matches in order to win the Bundesliga shield for the first time in its history.

The Bundesliga loss will be the first for Bayern Munich after a series that lasted 12 years, in a precedent that explains the extent of the deterioration that Bavarian is experiencing with Tuchel, which led to the announcement of their separation at the end of the current season.

Bayern Munich has a chance to win one title this season, which is the Champions League, and the beginning of that lies in beating Arsenal in the quarter-finals.

It is noteworthy that Bayern occupies second place in the Bundesliga standings with 60 points, and if Stuttgart wins over Heidenheim on Sunday, the difference with third place will become only one point.

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