Xavi: Barcelona does not win without performance

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez hoped that his team would succeed in repeating the scenario of last year’s Spanish Super Cup final against Real Madrid, as it was a typical performance for the Catalan club.

Barcelona won 3-1 over Real Madrid at the time, winning Xavi’s first title with Barcelona, and the confrontation will be repeated on Sunday in the 2024 Super Final at the “All Park” stadium in Riyadh.

In the press conference for the match, Xavi spoke about the upcoming El Clásico, saying, “We will try to present a great match. We have an example of last season’s match. It was a perfect match in which we dominated the ball and presented our own style.”

He also added, “We arrive and we are less intense than Real Madrid now. This is the truth and we have to face it, but when the match starts there is no favorite team. We are where we want to be in the first final of the season.”

When asked about winning the final without performing, he replied, “When has Barcelona won a final without deserving it? The opposite always happens to us.”

He continued, “We want to play well and control the flow of the match as we did last year. I am determined about our character and our belief in our ideas. This is how we want to appear tomorrow.”

He concluded, answering a question about his technical ideas for El Clásico, “I have clear ideas for the match, and our philosophy depends on depriving Real Madrid of the ball as usual, and that will not change no matter how the playing style changes.”

It remains to be noted that Barcelona, accompanied by Xavi, was defeated in its last two matches against Real Madrid, but it previously succeeded in achieving victory 4 times against Carlo Ancelotti’s squad.

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