Xavi apologizes to Real Madrid and confirms his confidence in the integrity of refereeing

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez calmed the prevailing tension between his club and Real Madrid, after confirming that they are not at war despite the sporting competition.

Xavi had strongly attacked the referee of the match between Real Madrid and Almeria and said that winning the Spanish League this season would be difficult due to refereeing bias.

The Catalan coach was subjected to a sharp attack from Real Madrid TV, which said that his entire career was in doubt because of Barcelona’s bribery of former Referees Committee Chairman Jose Luis Negrera.

Xavi was asked about the attack, and he replied, “I have always respected Madrid. I have never disrespected anyone, and if I did, I apologize.”

He also added, “I’m not talking about war, I’m talking about peace. I fully respect opinions, videos, and jokes, and I accept it well with a sense of humor.”

As for his opinion of Spanish arbitration, he said, “I believe in the integrity of the referees. I do not like the pressure they receive, but do not ask me for anything else.”

He concluded, “You already know my opinion. I don’t want to be asked about that again. I only want to talk about football in press conferences.”

It is noteworthy that Barcelona will face Athletic Bilbao on Wednesday in the quarter-finals of the Spanish King’s Cup, after which it will meet Villarreal in the Spanish League, in which it ranks third.

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