Will Xavi follow Valverde’s fate in coaching Barcelona?

Barcelona’s loss to Real Madrid 4-1, along with the loss of the Super Cup, will not go unnoticed, and coach Xavi Hernandez may be the “scapegoat” – if not now, then perhaps at the end of the season.

Barcelona played one of its worst matches this season, and failed to match Real Madrid, which excelled in almost everything from the first moment to the last.

Also from the heart of Saudi Arabia, the decision to turn Barcelona upside down came at the beginning of 2020, and because of the Spanish Super Cup.

After Barcelona lost to Atletico Madrid in the semi-finals 3-2, Josep Maria Bartomeu’s management at the time decided without any prior notice to dismiss coach Ernesto Valverde.

Barcelona with Valverde may not have played his usual football, but in practice he was successful in winning the Spanish League in the last two years before that, as well as the Spanish King’s Cup once.

But the loss in the Super Cup greatly angered the Catalan fans, and influenced Bartomeu to make him take a sudden decision to dismiss him and install Quique Setien in his place.

Some view this decision as the beginning of Barcelona’s collapse. Despite all of Valverde’s shortcomings, he succeeded in bringing out the best in Barcelona and won championships, unlike what happened after that.

This scenario looms large on the horizon, as it may be repeated with Xavi, and the argument exists for current president Joan Laporta, even if he has confirmed on every previous occasion his full support for Xavi.

After the 2-1 defeat in El Clásico in the Spanish League, it was said that Laporta was very angry and told Xavi and the players about it, but his only consolation at the time was the strength of the team’s performance despite the loss.

However, Laporta asked Xavi and his players to respond with full force, which has not happened from October until now, and the disappointment was crowned by the harsh loss from Real Madrid.

Losing El Clásico this time is very bitter, neither performance nor result, all of which really put Xavi’s future at stake in front of a president who saw that he had done everything in his power to support the team in the last two summers.

If Xavi’s fate is not the same as Ernesto Valverde’s fate in 2020, then at least the coach’s position is threatened if he fails to achieve the Spanish League or improve things in the coming months in any way.

It remains to be noted that Barcelona has reached the round of 16 of the King’s Cup and the Champions League, while it is 8 points away from the current Spanish league leader Girona.

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