Will Messi participate in the Al Hilal shirt in the Riyadh Season Cup?

Some rumors have circulated in recent hours about the possibility of Lionel Messi staying in Saudi Arabia and wearing the Al Hilal shirt in the next Al-Nasr match in the Riyadh Season Cup.

Cristiano Ronaldo will miss the match between Al-Nasr and Inter Miami due to injury, but he is supposed to be ready to participate in the Al-Hilal match next week.

Some have proposed the idea that Messi will remain in Saudi Arabia and play with Al Hilal, and with it the “Last Dance” confrontation will occur after it was postponed, perhaps for another year, due to force majeure.

But according to what was published in the Saudi media, this is practically impossible to achieve.

The reason for this is that Inter Miami is linked to a tour to Japan, and Messi cannot miss it no matter what the cost, so as soon as the match between Al-Nasr and Inter Miami ends, the flea will set off with his club and they will return.

The Argentine international had shared a video in the past hours in which he also announced that he would be in Tokyo next week, confirming that he would not stay and play against Ronaldo.

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