Video: Mourinho attends the Egyptian Super Cup in a Strange Way

Jose Mourinho is perhaps the latest and strangest guest in the 2023 Egyptian Super Cup, which is being held in the United Arab Emirates.

Modern Future met with Pyramids in the first semi-final, and the Red Club succeeded in winning after a marathon penalty shootout during which each team scored 17 kicks.

Modern Future is coached by Portuguese coach Ricardo Formosinho, who previously worked as an assistant to Jose Mourinho in coaching Manchester United and Tottenham.

During the press conference after the match, while Formosinho was immersed in talking to the media, his phone rang, asking the journalists to remain silent until he answered a call that came to him from Jose Mourinho.

The coach was then asked about the content of this call, and he replied, “Mourinho is his friend and they are keen to communicate regularly, and he called him to congratulate him on winning and reaching the final.”

Mourinho is currently supervising the training of Italian club Roma, and since Fromosinho separated from him after the Tottenham experience, he began working as a head coach, and supervised several clubs, including the Sudanese club Al-Hilal, the most recent of which is the Egyptian Future.

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