Two options for Mbappe: a “from the pyramids” offer from PSG or a “return to the ground” in Madrid!

Daniel Raiolo, the famous journalist at Radio Monte Carlo, revealed that the Paris Saint-Germain administration made an astronomical offer to Kylian Mbappe in order to renew his contract with the French club.

Mbappe’s contract with PSG expires at the end of this season, and Real Madrid is trying to reach an agreement with him to join the Royal Club on a free basis next summer.

Real Madrid puts on Mbappe’s table a normal offer compared to what the Paris Saint-Germain administration presented, and the talk here is specifically about financial matters.

According to Raiolo, Paris Saint-Germain’s offer for Mbappe is unparalleled in football, as they described him as “coming from the pyramids” due to the benefits the player will receive.

The 24-year-old’s annual salary with Paris in this contract will exceed 100 million euros, and his family will also receive many benefits, including his brother Ethan, a PSG youth player.

Paris’s contributions will not stop there. Rather, the French club will help Mbappe’s mother, Fayza Lamari, to create the agency she dreams of, all in order to convince the player to continue for as long as possible in the eyes of the princes.

On the other hand, Real Madrid’s offer does not exceed the barrier of 30 million euros, if not less than that, and as Raiolo described it, the Real Madrid offer is a “return to the ground”, completely unlike the Paris offer.

It remains unknown how Mbappe and his family will react to this astronomical display, while L’Equipe newspaper indicates that the final decision may be issued before mid-February.

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