The world champion is “fed up” with his club and offers himself to Barcelona

Rumors of the upcoming summer transfer market in Barcelona do not stop, and the latest news comes via the newspaper “Sport” about a big deal that is currently being planned.

The talk here is about Enzo Fernandez, the Chelsea player, who the Catalan newspaper says has offered his services to Barcelona.

The 2022 world champion does not feel happy within Chelsea in light of the deteriorating results and levels in the last two years, and he began looking for a way out, knowing that his contract is still extended until 2032.

Fernandez’s agent presented him to Barcelona to explore the mechanism for completing this deal, although in practice it currently seems close to impossible.

The Enzo news comes on the same day that news emerged of Frenkie de Jong’s desire to leave Barcelona, and that Chelsea is willing to pay 100 million euros for him.

Perhaps this will play a role in one way or another in Fernandes moving to Barcelona, via a swap deal or something like that.

It remains to be noted that Chelsea paid 112 million euros to Benfica in the winter of 2023 in order to sign Fernandes after his amazing levels with Argentina in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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