The Saudi team wastes the strangest opportunity in the Asian Cup! (video)

If there is a moment that embodies bad luck, it would undoubtedly be the opportunity that the Saudi team missed against South Korea in the round of 16 of the Asian Cup.

A corner kick for Al-Akhdar, executed perfectly at the near post, found Saleh Al-Shehri’s head, but the ball hit the right post.

The ball bounced off the post while the goal was empty of its goalkeeper, finding the head of the advanced centre-back, Ali Lagmi, and directing it in the perfect way, but this time the ball hit the crossbar.

For the second time, the ball bounced, and found Salem Al-Dosari’s head this time, but miraculously, the South Korean goalkeeper was able to touch it and keep it away from the goal.

It is noteworthy that the first half of the summit held at the Education City Stadium resulted in a goalless draw.

And now you find the video of the strangest opportunity in the Asian Cup..

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