The “madness of Almeria” doubles after the publication of referee’s conversations with VAR

Almeria FC continued its fierce attack on the referee of the Real Madrid match after the Spanish Federation published its conversation with the video referee.

Almeria led by two goals in the first half, before the referee awarded a controversial penalty kick in the second half, which Real Madrid returned. Then he canceled a goal for Almeria, and awarded a goal with many doubts that led to a draw for the Royal Club.

The conversation shows that in the shot of awarding the penalty kick, the referee did not notice at all that there was a strong contact from Rudiger on the Almeria defense that was supposed to give the visitors a foul.

As for the shot of canceling Almeria’s goal, the referee did not need much time and discussion and quickly acknowledged that there was a mistake by Real Madrid, in a position contradictory to the previous penalty kick position.

Finally, in Vinicius Junior’s controversial goal, the referee decided that there was no handball and that the ball came into the Brazilian international’s shoulder.

After the conversation was published, Almería Club wrote on its X platform, “Why are the rest of the angles that we were able to watch on television not shown to the referee?”

The account continued its fierce attack on the refereeing, “There is no answer (and there will never be) to the question that millions of fans asked themselves on Sunday afternoon.”

It is noteworthy that the Almeria coach said that he was always subjected to strange refereeing decisions in Real Madrid matches, while the team’s players considered that he was “stolen” from the refereeing.

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