The Egyptian national team doctor complains about Jurgen Klopp!

Dr. Mohamed Abu El-Ela, the Egyptian national team doctor, complained about Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp’s talk about Mohamed Salah, which violated the agreement between the Egyptian Federation and the Reds management.

The German coach went out to the media after the 4-0 victory over Bournemouth and announced Salah’s return to Liverpool, which forced Egypt to issue a statement confirming the matter.

After the Cape Verde match, Abu El-Ela spoke to On Time Sports, saying, “Klopp put us in an embarrassing position by talking about Salah. This was not the agreement with the Liverpool management.”

As for his opinion on Salah’s injury itself, he said, “Salah suffers from a second-degree posterior muscle strain, and the best thing for him is treatment in Liverpool now.”

He continued, “I believe that Salah’s treatment in Liverpool will reduce the period of his absence, and I cannot determine the date of his return.”

He concluded, “We have sufficient capabilities to treat him, but after two days we will travel to the city of San Pedro, which is not well equipped, so we decided that treating him in Liverpool would be better.”

It remains to be noted that Egypt said that its captain could return if it reaches the semi-finals, that is, approximately two weeks from now.

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