The AFC punishes the Jordanian star for his solidarity with Palestine in the Asian Cup

The Asian Football Confederation announced the imposition of a financial penalty on Mahmoud Mardi, the Jordanian national team player, due to his solidarity with Palestine during the 2023 Asian Cup.

Mardi held up a T-shirt with the words “It is the cause of the honorable” after his goal in the Malaysia match, in reference to his solidarity with the Palestinian people against the brutal war they have been subjected to in the past months.

Press reports suggested that Mardi would be subjected to a severe penalty from the AFC, which considered the sign to be political and in violation of FIFA rules regarding keeping politics out of football.

Some went on to talk about a suspension for months and a large fine, after the AFC contacted its Jordanian counterpart to provide justification for what happened.

But in the end, the penalty was light, as Mardi would only pay $1,500 in fines for lifting this shirt.

On this basis, the star of Al-Hussein Irbid will be present in Jordan’s upcoming strong match against South Korea in the second round of the group stage.

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