Ronaldo is injured and his position regarding facing Messi in the Riyadh Cup is ambiguous

Al-Riyadiya newspaper reported that Cristiano Ronaldo, Al-Nassr player, suffered an injury that may prevent him from participating in the Riyadh Season Cup against his eternal rival, Lionel Messi.

Al-Nassr, led by “The Don”, is scheduled to meet Inter Miami, led by Messi, on Thursday, February 1, in the Riyadh Friendly Season Cup.

But according to recent news, Ronaldo is suffering from a tear in the posterior muscle that has prevented him from participating in training with Al-Nassr over the past two days.

It is expected that Ronaldo will need to rest for at least two weeks before he can return to the field again, which threatens his participation in the Riyadh Season Cup.

Al-Nassr travels to China next Wednesday to play a tour there, and it is most likely that Ronaldo may not succeed in participating in it due to injury.

It remains to be noted that Al-Nasr’s upcoming match with Inter Miami in the Riyadh Season Cup was called the “last dance”, indicating that it may be the last confrontation between Ronaldo and Messi.

The duo played the Riyadh Season Cup last season at King Fahd International Stadium, when the stars of Paris Saint-Germain, led by Messi, defeated the stars of the Saudi League, led by Ronaldo.

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