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Zidane: Messi is magical, and Messi responds: You made me suffer a lot

Zinedine Zidane and Lionel Messi participated in a half-hour lecture from Adidas, during which the duo took to praise each other, and the Frenchman only described what the former Barcelona star has as "magic".

Zidane began the conversation by passing the ball to Messi and then said "it's a pity that we didn't play together" to which the Argentine replied: "You know I appreciate you very much, we didn't play together but we played against each other."

"Then you became a coach, but I always respected you, appreciated and admired everything you did and continue to do," he added.

Messi spoke about the lack of the characteristics of the traditional no.10 in football these days and the preference of clubs to play in a 4-3-3 formation, to which Zizou replied: "The no.10 should have some magic like you, he is the leader of the team and he should create chances, just like you did Leo, you did different things than the rest of the players because you see the ball before everyone else."

"I also see things happening before the rest of the players, but I was one second ahead of them, and you were three seconds ahead of them."

Messi then asked Zidane about the best feeling of his life, and continued: "Of course it's a goal in the World Cup final, you and I have that feeling" and the duo agreed.

When asked about a one-word description of Messi, Zidane replied: "magic".

Messi then spoke about Zizou by saying: "For me, Zidane is one of the greatest players of all time, I always admired him, I used to follow him a lot and he is in Madrid, he made me suffer a lot when I was a player at Barcelona."

"I remember Galácticos Real Madrid, the Champions League they won, they were a great team and the team was playing great."

"Zidane was a different player, charming, elegant and has everything. I remember his goal at Leverkusen in the Champions League final, his goals in the World Cup including the final against Brazil, his goal in Valencia, it's something we football fans enjoy."

For his part, Zidane concluded his speech and praise for Messi, saying: "Messi should be a role model for people because of his lifestyle, football, family, family, football and nothing else."

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