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Xavi: "An undeserved win for Real Madrid, Bellingham is just lucky now!

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez said his team deserved to win the Clásico against Real Madrid, while Jude Bellingham was in a phase where "football loves him" and serves him.

The Catalan club were defeated by two goals to one against Real Madrid after being 68 years ahead thanks to Ilkay Gundogan's goal, and Xavi believes the defeat was not deserved.

"Even a draw was not enough for us, we played the game to win but we lost, it's a bad result but nevertheless I think we played a good game, it's difficult but our goal remains to achieve the league and the journey is still long," the Spanish coach said in the post-match press conference.

"We needed five or six chances to score, while Real Madrid scored two goals from half chances. Honestly, I think we deserve to win, but that's what happens to you when you miss chances against Real Madrid".

"If anyone deserved to win this game, it was us. We played 65 minutes and scored a goal, compared to 25 minutes for Real and they scored two goals, we didn't have the necessary effectiveness, it's that simple".

As for his quarrel with Vinicius during the game, Xavi explained: "I told him that the game was not a mistake, I always have great respect in all places, and you won't see me stir controversy. I love and respect Vinicius, there is no problem between us, we hugged and it's over."

Speaking about Bellingham, who scored the two winning goals for Real, he concluded: "Bellingham is a great player, but now he is in his moment of luck, the ball comes to his feet, look at the second goal."

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