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What club was Ramos close to joining in 2014?

Sergio Ramos, current Sevilla and former Real Madrid player, has revealed that he was close to leaving the royal club in the summer of 2014 and joining Manchester United.

Ramos managed before this season to lead Real to the Champions League victory thanks to his historic header at Atletico Madrid in the final of the famous Stadium of Light, and as he confirmed, the Reds then tried to sign him.

The Spain international told the media: "I was close to joining Manchester United in the summer of 2014, and my father is a big fan of them."

"But in the end I stayed where I should play, Real Madrid."

"I'm still a fan of the Premier League, there's a different pace of play than we used to have in Spain, I'm also a fan of the players there, it's a league that we all have to learn from."

"However, I was happy to stay at Real Madrid, and now I'm happy to be at Sevilla."

Ramos joined Real Madrid in 2005 and stayed with the Merengue until the end of his contract in 2021, after which he joined Paris Saint-Germain for two years, and then joined his boyhood club, Sevilla, last summer.

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