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Tuchel reveals: Did Bayern Munich punish Naseer Mezraoui?

Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel has decided the fate of Naseer Mazraoui with the Bavarian club against the backdrop of recent crises faced by the Moroccan following a post supporting the Palestinian cause.

Bayern Munich had announced talks with the player over the post after Mazraoui returned from the international break with Morocco, but what sparked great controversy was his solo training after that.

During the press conference for the Galatasaray Champions League match, Tuchel stressed that Mazraoui's solo training was not a punishment, but rather a result of his injury with the Atlas Lions.

"Mazraoui did not train alone as a form of punishment, but returned from the Morocco camp injured, so we tried to speed up his recovery process and not risk him," the German coach added.

"He came back again and participated in group training and if he continues without injuries, he can participate in the Galatasaray match."

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