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The largest sanction in the history of The Premier League.. a 10-point deduction from Everton!

Updated: Nov 18

Erling Haaland's goal against Everton

The Premier League announced a 10-point deduction from Everton due to the club being found to have violated profit and sustainability rules.

This sanction is the strongest in the history of the English Premier League, which prompted the Blue Club to issue a statement expressing its disappointment and confirming that it is an “unfair penalty.”

The statement included: "Everton Football Club is shocked and disappointed by the decision of the Premier League Committee. The club believes that the Committee imposed a sporting punishment that was disproportionate and completely unfair."

The statement also continued, "Everton confirms that it was open and transparent in the information it provided to the League. The harshness and severity of the penalty imposed by the committee is not a fair or reasonable reflection of the evidence provided."

At the same time, Everton announced in its statement that it will file an appeal against the penalty and will pursue the necessary legal procedures in the hope of reducing or eliminating the penalty entirely.

This penalty will increase Everton's troubles in the English Premier League. Before the points were deducted, it was ranked 14th with 14 points after 11 rounds, but now Sean Dyche's squad has only 4 points, on par with bottom of the standings Burnley.

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