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Surprise: Ronaldo tried to convince Marcelo to join Al-Nassr

Updated: Nov 16

A picture of Ronaldo and Marcelo wearing a Real Madrid shirt

Marcelo, Fluminense player, confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo tried to persuade him to join him at the Saudi club Al-Nassr.

Ronaldo partnered with Marcelo for 9 years at Real Madrid, and they were very close to each other, so much so that the Brazilian was a candidate to join Juventus with the departure of the Don to the Italian club.

It seems that the matter happened again when the Portuguese star decided to end his career in Europe and join Al-Nassr, but Marcelo preferred to return to Brazil and end his career at his childhood club.

Marcelo said in media statements, "Yes, Ronaldo talked to me about joining Al-Nassr, but I preferred to return to Brazil."

He also added, "I had a number of offers ahead of me, not just victory. In the end, it was my decision to return to my roots. Something inside me told me to return to Brazil."

Marcelo succeeded in leading Fluminense to achieve the Copa Libertadores title for the first time in the Brazilian club's history after defeating Boca Juniors in the final match 2-1 at the historic Maracanã Stadium, which he described as "the most expensive title in his career."

As for Al-Nassr, it signed Alex Telles from Manchester United to support the left front after Marcelo rejected the generous offer made to him.

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