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Saudi Arabia nears hosting 2034 World Cup

Saudi Arabia is close to hosting the 2034 World Cup, after Australia announced it was backing away from the idea of bidding to host the world's most expensive tournament.

FIFA urged the countries of Asia and Oceania to apply to host the 2034 World Cup to work on the principle of rotation in continents, as North America receives the 2026 World Cup, and Europe and Africa the 2030 World Cup.

Australia was practically Saudi Arabia's only rival, but on Tuesday evening the president of the federation came out to officially announce that his country had dismissed the matter.

Football Federation Australia chief executive James Johnson said: "After taking all factors into account, we have come to the conclusion that our bid to host the 2034 World Cup has not been submitted.

The overwhelming support already shown by the AFC for Saudi Arabia to host World Cup may be a major reason why Australia is realising its difficult task.

Saudi Arabia will host a number of major events in the coming years, such as the 2027 AFC Asian Cup and the 2029 Winter Games, and has become the most prominent spot in the Middle East after attracting many football stars around the world to its clubs.

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