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Puyol: Vinicius Jr.'s behavior is a "problem" and he has to deal with provocations better

Former Barcelona captain Puyol has advised Real Madrid's Vinicius Jr. to improve his behaviour so that he can have a distinguished career in line with his great abilities as a player.

In the last year, Vinicius got into many problems, both with the players on the pitch and with the fans, and he also suffered from many racist chants inside and outside Spain.

Puyol said of Vinicius: "I like to talk to a player like him and tell him what I think, I'll talk to him as a teammate in this case."

"We know that Vinicius can make the difference with his team and he is admired by everyone in many things, all of this can increase if he changes his behaviour."

"I advise him to focus only on matches, as tension is the hallmark of football stadiums, so he must deal with provocations better."

But at the same time, Puyol excused Vinicius for his actions given his young age: "I didn't deal with it the same way when I was twenty, maybe I did when I was thirty-four."

It is noteworthy that Vinicius was subjected to racist chants in the last Clasico, and before it in the match Sporting Braga Champions League in Portugal.

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