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Prelude to his dismissal? Zamalek management meets Osorio after the loss of ENPPI

Zamalek management intends to hold an emergency meeting with the coach of the first team football, Juan Carlos Osorio, to discuss the reasons for the decline in performance following the defeat of ENPPI 2-1 in the fifth round of the Egyptian league.

According to the site "Kooora" The anger of the management of Zamalek headed by Hussein Labib because of the lackluster level that appeared by the white team in the match ENPPI, which raises concerns about the future of the White Castle at all levels.

As a result, the duo in charge of the football file, Ahmed Suleiman and Hussein Al-Sayed, decided to sit down with Osorio to discuss the defeat and its repercussions, hoping that such setbacks would not happen again.

The meeting, which is likely to see the presence of new president Hussein Labib, could be a prelude to the end of the Colombian coach's era in Mit Oqba.

On more than one occasion, board members expressed their dissatisfaction with what Zamalek offers with Osorio, but the somewhat positive results in the past stage stand in the way of any move to overthrow him.

In general, Zamalek's start to the season is not the best, winning two league games, drawing in the same and losing from ENPPI, along with a hard-fought rise to the group stage of the Confederation after losing the first leg of Arta Solar 2-0 and then winning the second leg 4-1.

Osorio took over as Zamalek coach last April from Jesualdo Ferreira, and despite some positive results, he has failed to achieve tangible success so far, and faces severe criticism due to the instability of the level.

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