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Pique: Barca isn't Real Madrid, and how do we bribe the referees when we crush everyone?

Former Barcelona player Gerard Pique believes his club's ideas are very different from Real Madrid's, particularly on how to win games, and has responded to accusations that Barça were bribing referees and the famous Negreira case.

Pique retired in the middle of last year after a legendary career with Barcelona, however he stressed that he still follows all the matches of the Catalan club with the same pressure, and does not rule out future work in the management of the Blaugrana.

About differences between Barca and Real, Pique said: "In Barcelona you have to play well and win, in Madrid they will be happy if they win the same way we win in Anoeta, but in Barca it is impossible."

"Real Madrid may not perform well but you will find it in the decisive stages of the Champions League, the last time they won the title was miraculously, but no one will remember that."

About the current Barcelona: "Xavi is the right man in the right place, there is no one better than him who can turn things around and play well with Barcelona, in the end the decision is for the president of the club, but for me Xavi is the right coach."

Barcelona were accused of bribing referees by signing former vice-president of the referees committee, Jose Luis Negreira,, and Piqué responded sarcastically by saying, "It's really scary that people say we won something thanks to refereeing."

"At that time we had dominance and advantage over everyone, and no referee could help us with anything, we used to win most of the games by crushing our opponents."

As for the future of his work at Barcelona and the possibility that he will one day head the club, "I do not rule out the idea, but it is not in my mind now, to be president you need sacrifices, I have special relationships within this club and I think I owe a lot to it."

At the end of his speech, Pique revealed that he is still following the matches of his former team, and added, "I follow the matches of Barcelona, I followed the Clasico, and I follow the matches of Andorra (the team he owns), but I do not follow any match for Real Madrid."

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