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Paying or deducting new points.. Everton faces a new disaster

Updated: Nov 19

English club Everton

The Daily Mail reported that Everton faces a new deducting of 9 new points from its score in the English Premier League unless it pays huge sums that may exceed 300 million pounds sterling.

The English Premier League punished Everton by deducting 10 points from its points this season because it was proven that the club violated the rules of financial fair play.

Three clubs, Leicester City, Leeds United and Burnley, submitted an official complaint to the League that they were harmed by Everton’s violation of the rules of financial fair play, as they were all relegated to the second division that season, and therefore they demanded compensation for that.

Each of the three clubs demanded that it receive 100 million pounds sterling in compensation from Everton for damages, which the English Premier League will consider before a specialized committee of 3 advisors.

If the committee rules that the three clubs are entitled to compensation, Everton’s management will have to pay 300 million pounds in compensation, or be subjected to the penalty of deducting 9 new points from the team’s score in the Premier League.

Everton is not experiencing its best economic conditions, and may be forced to sell its new stadium to meet huge financial obligations, and the specter of losing new points looms strongly on the horizon.

It is noteworthy that Everton fell from the fourteenth place to the penultimate place in the English Premier League after deducting the ten points from its score, leveling with bottom club Burnley on 4 points each.

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