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Paris Saint-Germain inspire Real Madrid to bring back their former player!

Updated: Nov 14

Former Real Madrid player Tafikosa Kubo

The newspaper "Defensa Central" states that Real Madrid plans to bring back former player Takefusa Kubo, hoping to make big gains from the marketing side of him.

Paris Saint-Germain's experience in signing South Korean Kang In Lee was Real Madrid's biggest motivation to consider the move, as the youngster made a lot of money on the French club's coffers due to the fans he came with from Southeast Asia.

Real Madrid's management believe in Kubo's abilities as a player, and besides what he can add athletically, he could be a goldmine for the club.

Kubo, 22, was bought by Real Sociedad from Madrid for €6.5m in the summer of 2022, but Real retains a clause in the contract that allows him to buy back the player for nearly €30m.

Financially, Kubo's deal looks successful if it happens, as the player is expected to bring with him millions of fans from Japan, as well as the large income expected from selling his shirts.

Also motivating Real, Kang In Lee sold his shirts in South Korea as many as Kylian Mbappe, the first star of Paris Saint-Germain and France, and this is what the Parisian club's marketing director admitted by asserting that the deal was very profitable for the club economically and perhaps more than sporting value.

This season, Kubo has made 16 appearances in all competitions for Real Sociedad, scoring five goals and assisting twice.

Real Madrid signed Kubo in the summer of 2019, before loaning him to Real Mallorca, Villarreal, Getafe and Real Sociedad, and the latter bought him in the summer of 2022.

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