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Pérez appeals to the Spanish government to intervene and save the "very deteriorating" refereeing!

Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid, expressed his concern about the level of Spanish refereeing, calling on the Spanish government to intervene and save him from waste.

This came during Real Madrid's General Assembly meeting on Saturday evening, in which Perez reviewed several issues, including the club's crises with UEFA and La Liga.

During his speech, Perez touched on La Liga refereeing, saying: "It's more worrying in Spain when it comes to sensitive matters like refereeing."

"I'm not going to talk about the Spanish federation going through a renewal process now, but the situation of Spanish refereeing should change soon."

"No one knows who is drawing the lines of VAR and why we don't see the whole picture in the offside cases."

" I am confident that the government will work to renew the structures of the judging system, the credibility of our competitions is very deteriorating."

Real Madrid have recently been waging a major campaign through their channel on refereeing, and this seems to come at the decision of Perez, who believes that his team has lost many trophies in recent years due to wrong refereeing decisions.

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