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Osorio threatens Zamalek with a sudden step.. and the club responds

Updated: Nov 14

Juan Carlos Osorio, former Zamalek coach

Former Zamalek coach Juan Carlos Osorio went to the Egyptian Football Association on Monday morning, according to Egyptian press reports.

The majority of reports considered that the aim of the visit was to file a complaint against Zamalek because of the coach's late dues, which amount to $ 400,000 .

According to Kooora, Osorio went to the federation's headquarters to meet its president, Jamal Allam, but did not find him to leave without doing anything else.

Some other sources suggested that Osorio has filed an official complaint with the Football Association against Zamalek that he has not received his financial dues so far.

At the same time, Zamalek confirmed that he invited the Colombian coach more than once to come to the club and negotiate amicably to terminate his contract, but he has not made this expected visit so far.

Board member Amr Adham also pointed to the fact that Osorio's complaint to Zamalek at the Football Association, if it occurs, is worthless, given that only FIFA is entrusted with considering the contractual relationship between the club and the coach.

Adham said, in his statements to the famous website, that what Osorio did was only for the purpose of "media show."

Osorio's move may be an explicit threat to Zamalek that he will not give up any money to him, and wants to take official channels in dealing with the club, and may escalate the matter to "FIFA" and the beginning only of heading to the Football Association.

It is noteworthy that Zamalek sacked Osorio after two losses from ENPPI and Z, and appointed Motamed Gamal temporarily instead, and the Egyptian coach succeeded in leading the White Knight to reach the final of the Egyptian Cup after overcoming Pyramids on penalties.

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