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One step separates Luis Diaz's father from freedom

Colombia's National Liberation Army (ELN) issued a statement confirming that it wants to release Luis Díaz's father but conditioned the Colombian government on providing the necessary security guarantees for the move.

Diaz's father and mother were kidnapped a week ago in Parkas, Colombia, but a few hours later attempts to free the Liverpool star's mother succeeded.

Diaz captured the hearts of the world after lifting a T-shirt demanding freedom for his father when he scored the Reds' goal in Luton Town, then came out with a very emotional statement appealing to the kidnapped group for the immediate release of his father.

The rebel group's response came on Monday evening and was quoted by the Daily Mail, duringwhich it demanded the Colombian government to ease the security deployment in Barcas so that it could release Diaz's father.

The kidnappers of Diaz's 58-year-old father fear that they will be arrested when the man is released, so they want guarantees that this will not happen, and the security deployment hinders any movements for them, so they "want to avoid any accidents" or possible confrontations.

The group stressed that the process of releasing Luis Díaz's father was ongoing, but now it all depended on the steps of the Colombian government.

The government has deployed elite police and some military personnel in the area where Diaz's father was kidnapped, and reconnaissance planes continue to fly over the area, and consequently there is a threat to the group during the extradition process.

It is noteworthy that Luis Diaz joined Liverpool from Porto two years ago, and was able to turn into one of the most important players of coach Jurgen Klopp's men, and was always famous for the smile that does not leave his face at all times and whatever the circumstances.

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