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Nuno Santo rebukes Benzema.. The French star demands the Ittihad management to dismiss him

Nuno Santo seems to have lost the support of the majority of the stars inside Ittihad dressing room, led by Karim Benzema, who called on the club's management to sack the coach immediately.

Al-Ittihad have only tasted victory in their last 10 matches, and the recent defeat to Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya was a reason of many calls for Santo's dismissal.

The website "Kooora" quoting a source within Ittihad confirmed that Benzema refuses to play even for another match under the leadership of Nuno Santo.

The France international spoke with the management of Anmar Al-Haili and clearly informed them that the negative results experienced by Ittihad in recent times are borne by the bulk of them, after the team became "untogether".

Benzema's anger went so far as to explicitly tell the management that he did not want to play in upcoming matches if Santo continued.

It is noteworthy that a dispute has already erupted between the Portuguese coach and Karim Benzema during Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya match after Nuno scolded the French star for his position and isolation from the team.

Ittihad is scheduled to meet with Abha next Friday, and so far no decision has come out of the federation's management on Santo, who will lead the meeting normally.

Benzema has not had a good relationship with Santo since arriving at Ittihad last summer, with some reports even saying the Portuguese did not want to sign the former Real Madrid striker and imposed on him.

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