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Manchester City and Chelsea face relegation risk!

Updated: Nov 19

A quarrel between Chelsea and Manchester City players

It seems that the Financial Fair Play Law and the investigation into any violations related to it may lead to a historic change in the English Premier League, after it was reported that the next victim may most likely be Manchester City and Chelsea.

The Premier League deducted 10 points from Everton after it was found that the club violated the rules of financial fair play, a sanction that was considered very harsh, and it is also the largest sanctions in the history of the English competition.

According to Stefan Borson, who works as a financial advisor to a number of English clubs, the turn will be on Manchester City and Chelsea, but this time the sanctions may be more stringent and harsh.

Borson considered that deducting 10 points from Everton may be the beginning of a more severe punishment, represented by the relegation of Manchester City and Chelsea, if it is proven that the two clubs were involved in cases of violations of financial fair play.

Manchester City is already accused of committing 115 violations of the Financial Fair Play law between 2009 and 2018, while Chelsea is currently under investigation for similar violations during the tenure of former owner Roman Abramovich.

The financial advisor wrote on his Twitter account, “Deducting 10 points from Everton is a very harsh decision, and because of it, I say that if the accusations against Manchester City and Chelsea are confirmed, they will likely be punished with relegation from the English Premier League.”

It is noteworthy that Manchester City had previously been subjected to the sanction of being banned from participating in the Champions League due to violating financial laws, before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) intervened and overturned this ruling.

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