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Luis Diaz's father cries after being freed from kidnapping and returning to his family

The Colombian government's efforts succeeded in releasing the father of Luis Díaz, the Liverpool star, after he was kidnapped by the Colombian National Liberation Army.

Luis Manuel Diaz and his wife were kidnapped two weeks ago, but police quickly freed the woman two hours later, while Manu remained under abduction for two weeks.

After pleas from the player, intervention from the United Nations and hard work from the army and police, the Liverpool star's father was finally released on Thursday in the foothills of the Alberchia mountains.

Mano returned to his family in the Liras district of Barrancas, a town in the Caribbean province of Laguajera, and was greeted by all his family, including his father Jacob.

As soon as the UN helicopter carrying Diaz's father landed, celebrations spread throughout the neighborhood, while Manu began to cry as the nightmare was over.

At the same time, Liverpool were playing a match against Toulouse in the Europa League with Diaz, which the Reds lost 3-2.

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