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lost football and earned a lot of money.. Barcelona make millions despite defeat in El Clásico

Juli Guiu, head of marketing at FC Barcelona, revealed that the Catalan club made big profits and more than expected from the crowd attendance at the Real Madrid match at the Olympic Lluís Companys Stadium.

Barcelona lost the Clásico from Real Madrid by two goals to one, and the difference between the two teams in the Spanish league rose to 4 points in favor of Carlo Ancelotti's battalion.

The Blaugrana were defeated amid a record attendance at the Lluís Companys Stadium, with 50,112 spectators.

According to Guiu, Barcelona's total profit from this attendance amounted to 7.6 million euros, a huge success considering that it exceeds 60% of the Clásico's revenues when it is held at the Camp Nou.

"The only thing that didn't go well was the result, and the profits were record."

Illustrating the success of the last Clásico marketing for Barcelona, last season's Clásico at Camp Nou with a much larger capacity was only €8.3 million, while at a smaller capacity at Luis Compánes profits were very close.

It is noteworthy that Barcelona plays its matches this season at the Olympic Lluís Companys due to the renovations that occur at the Camp Nou stadium, to return again to its historic stronghold after expanding the number of stands to receive 100,000 fans, starting next season.

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